Influencers That Make You Want To Rip Holes On Your Jeans
Influencers That Make You Want To Rip Holes On Your Jeans

Influencers That Make You Want To Rip Holes On Your Jeans

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by Passionation, Jul 27th, 2018

Back in college, boy and girls can be seen strolling around campus dressed mostly in T-shirts and comfy worn-out denims that screamed super casual. In order to stand out from the rest, some opted to rip and fray their jeans for that outstanding effect which interpreted into two outcomes, either – it reflected your bad sense of style, downgrading your image to poor hobos or you’ve made your mark as the ‘celebrity’ strutting down Beverly Hills Sunset Boulevard.

If you’re in this sort of dilemma, fear not, Passionation Influencers knows how to rock their tatty jeans. With their dressing tips, in no time you’ll be looking so cool that people will be envious of how awesome your style is - they’ll be wanting to rip up and put some holes in all their jeans!



The second runner-up of Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant that also won Miss Photogenic and Miss Gorgeous, Poly Pang, hots up her tatty jeans with a smouldering bright red hoodie and sneakers. 



A professional hip-hop and street dancer, Danny Lee and his buddies often share humorous videos on social media and Danny shows that he is also groovy with his attire as he themed his dark blue tatty jeans with light blue denim top, layered with an unbuttoned black smart shirt.




Local actress and songbird, Stella Chung is a fashion figure for the young and trendy where she ingeniously pairs her tatty jeans with fish net stockings and laced-up runners. She dons a see-through long-sleeved top that makes this getup blend with casual and elegance.




A fashionista lifestyle blogger, Emma Shazleen attends every function with glitziness and shows her wardrobe passion with aplomb as she pairs her tatty jeans with a sexy black bustier off shoulder top that fits the partying mode or private dinner.




A lawyer by profession, Jed loves traveling with a penchant for photography. Making a fashion statement with his motorbike riding apparel, he pairs his black tatty jeans, biker boots, a simple white T-shirt top to contrast with a cool black leather jacket.




Local actress and beauty entrepreneur, Zara Zya is often seen on TV impeccably dressed to reflect casual glamour. Zara paired her tatty jeans with a demure long-sleeved puffed wrist cuff and skimmed waistline-cut blouse adorned with a statement necklace and glossy kitten heel shoes.




A budding singer and songwriter, Asad Motawh has a knack for appearing casual yet stylish to woo his growing legion of fans. Looking dapper with his black tatty jeans and soft long-sleeved black and white striped shirt.




An actress and TV host, Anjoe Koh knows how to appear poised and unruffled at all times. Her OOTD of a low-cut sleeveless T combined with her tatty jeans and white high-ankle sport shoes makes her ready for any outdoor action.




A lifestyle blogger that inspires her followers with her creative thoughts, Zoey Phoon relays comfort clothed in her tatty jeans and soft cream-coloured long-sleeved boat neck top. Simply relaxed with casual elegance.




Being passionate in films, dabbling in TV acting and hosting, Jasmine Suraya exudes emotional charm with her playful getup of tatty jeans with school shoes and off-shoulder top. Smouldering sexy with cheekiness.



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