10 Most Popular Selfies That Made Our Influencers Famous!
10 Most Popular Selfies That Made Our Influencers Famous!

10 Most Popular Selfies That Made Our Influencers Famous!

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by Passionation, Jul 20th, 2018

Selfies are the king ruling the internet, imprinting a worldwide niche in the kingdoms of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – serving up with images that we are dying to see or wanting to delete off, happy that we won’t see that irritating picture ever again.

However, some of our top influencers have the art of taking selfies down to a pat and understands what makes them tick. Here’s ten of the most popular type of selfies that raked in huge interests:

1. The best bod selfie

Honestly, why would you not want to flaunt your divine body parts to be admired for your assets? 

Ilman Hakim is comfortable showing off his best bod for his fans to admire.

2. I just-woke-up selfie

If you look good every time you wake up, surely you must capture that moment for the world to see how you’re ‘bumming it’ successfully.

Bobo Stephanie makes waking up such a flirty and sensuous event that you would want to join her in bed.

3. The bathroom selfie

Bathroom selfies are opening doors to our home’s most private place. Let prying eyes look at what goes on in your bathroom.

Chien Wei Hah shares an egg-citing looking bathroom with all her fans.

4. The fitness selfie

This healthy lot usually makes an appearance after a gym workout either preening about their self-discipline or determination to be fit.

Nana Al Haleq won’t let her sexiness fade away by taking a selfie that her fans remember.

5. The duckface selfie

Mimicking celebrities’ selfies pouting their lips, these puffed-lip beauties are one of the most popular varieties you can find online.

Ying Tze takes a sexy pout, adding a new glamour to the duckface selfie.

6. The living-the-high-life selfie

The person living the high life of luxury, partying surrounded with gorgeous people parades these selfies, showing you their achievements that sometimes eludes some of us.

Lucas Lau shows us that living the high life is an achievable dream.

7. The wanderlust selfie

This selfie group will rouse your buried instincts to travel as they keep posting their vacation images to keep all their friends aware of their jet-setting lifestyle.

Reuben Kang takes a chilled vacation and isn’t shy to share his happiness to all his followers.

8. The food selfie

There is just no way to control food selfies nowadays. Once food arrives, the dish is snapped up – photographed to show everyone what you had for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner.

Christal Foo gives us a little appetizing excitement with her meal selfies.

9. The emo selfie

Capturing their mood or how they feel at the moment, the emo selfie appeals to our empathy to understand their feelings of what they’re going through.

Casey Wong cleverly shows her wondering mood with the right assembly of clothes and accessories.

10. The validation selfie

With a baby whale flying above you, you can’t wait for your buddies to know that. This fantastic angle of opportunity snapped must be shared for all your buddies to marvel at. 

Joey Leong had a whale of a time during her vacay in Taiwan.

A social sensation

No matter how each person thinks about selfies, whether they are deemed to show off or convey encounters in a personal manner, selfies are effective visual methods that remain indispensable in our digital society, so, which selfie do you belong to?

If you need some selfie tips, why not check out some of our Influencers to see how they do it with flair!

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