10 Places To Forget You’re An Adult And Switch To Child Mode
10 Places To Forget You’re An Adult And Switch To Child Mode

10 Places To Forget You’re An Adult And Switch To Child Mode

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by Passionation, Jul 17th, 2018

Waking up to a hurried breakfast, traffic, work and bills, kind of gets to you in the long run. Which undoubtedly makes you yearn from being a grown-up to being a carefree kid without the challenges and worries of adulthood heaping on you every day.

If you’ve ever longed for de-stressing days to dose up on candies, exploring without being judged for your sanity and behaviour, running a bit reckless with your inner child emotions – these 10 places are sure-fire ways to help you recall the simple pleasures of being a kid. 

Simply dd some buddies or family members along for the kiddy adventure, whether they’re older or younger and notch up your fun factor as these places offer plenty of activities that caters to all ages to keep everyone busy and entertained.

1. Butterfly Creek – New Zealand

Since dinosaurs are so popular right now with the latest Jurassic World movie offering, you’ve gotta take a trip to New Zealand’s Butterfly Creek for a dose of prehistoric era in Dinosaur Kingdom. Stepping into the themed attraction where life-sized animatronics dinosaurs and great sound effects thrill Dino fans, you’ll get to watch huge Triceratops, T-Rex, Velociraptor and Diplodocus in action!

2. MariCar Go-Kart - Japan

Imagine dressing up in your favourite hero’s costume while Go-Karting around in the streets of Tokyo. Yes, this can be a dream come true but only if you possess a driving license. Citizens of Tokyo are immune to your cosplay character costume, driving Go-Karts in clusters around the city’s hotspots. You can be Superman, Pikachu, Super Mario Brothers and many more!

Image credit: www.shinagawa.maricar.com

3. Penang Hot Air Balloon Fiesta - Malaysia

Closer to our home ground, a once-a-year affair in Malaysia, the Penang Hot Air Balloon Fiesta promises stunning visuals in the sky while offering plenty of activities for all ages to keep occupied. Ticketed tethered balloon rides going up as high as 60 feet as well as ‘cold inflation’ activity where anyone can walk into a balloon envelope that’s filled with cold air as it lies on the ground. Inflatables, creative workshops, paddle boat rides on a huge pool, reverse bungees for adults and kids, giant trampoline and more would bring out the child in you!


Image credit: www.penanghotairballoonfiesta.com

4. Universal Studio – Japan

This is where busloads of Harry Potter fans flock to experience being a wizard within The Wizarding World of Harry Potter realm. You get to choose your very own wand at Ollivanders, sample the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and Chocolate Frogs at Honeydukes. Yellows of Minions would bombard you all over Minion Park and show off your dancing skills at the Sesame Street Ultimate Dance!

5. The Top Penang - Malaysia

Featuring the largest indoor theme park in Penang, this one-stop destination for the entire family at the top of Komtar building, promises fun accompanied with breath taking views of Georgetown city. Explore the Jurassic Research Centre for some Dino culture, be a part of a movie with their latest Virtual Reality technology offered in the 7D Theatre, laugh your way through the Magic Mirror Maze or dare yourself to walk on glass 68 levels above ground!

6. Disneyland

We’ve grown up surrounding ourselves with Disney cartoons and shows, so it’s no surprise that Disneyland Parks are popping up everywhere to fulfil our kiddie dreams of getting acquainted with our favourite characters. Take your nearest pick – Japan, Hong Kong, China, France and the USA, to play with Mickey & Minnie, the Pixar gang, Marvel superheroes, Star Wars idols, etc.


7. ATV Rides

Nothing beats the thrill of a challenging ride through nature with an All-Terrain Vehicle, bringing back youthful memories of seeking adventure into unknown territories. Most ATV rides let you experience a variety of terrains and landforms while ensuring that dips in dams and waterfalls are part of the package provided. Always accompanied by a guide, you’ll be enjoying care-free exciting moments while you bike to your heart’s content!

Image credit: www.atvadventurepark.com

Image credit: www.viator.com

8. Sunway Lagoon

A place for the amphibious adventurer and thrill-seeker, wet splashing fun is to be expected here so there’s no such thing as keeping warm and dry as visiting this theme park would be reminiscent of your childhood days when getting wet in your own kiddie play pool cannot even compare to the exciting water activities here.


9. Legoland

With so many Legoland theme parks all over the world, there’s no way that kids including adults will be left out to imagine building anything with the colourful wonder blocks of creativity. This location serves to remind us that any venture, big or small, can be achieved with determination and perseverance while reminiscing our childhood days of playing with Legos.

10. Warner Brothers Movie World - Australia

Australia’s number one theme park caters so many thrilling rides to suit all ages, so you can go total looney if you dare or just mellow down with meandering rides. Join the Looney Tunes interactive party dance, view the stunt shows or meet your Justice League super heroes, etc. You’ll find that a day is not enough to fulfil your childhood cravings!

So, bring out the kid in you with this list of playgrounds to choose from as there’s no doubt you’ll find something that will take you back down memory lane to the days when you used to stay out playing till the sun sets down. Or you could recollect fond memories of 10 Things That’ll Make You Miss Going Back To School.

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