Going Plain Jane Ain’t A Bother For These Passionation Beauties
Going Plain Jane Ain’t A Bother For These Passionation Beauties

Going Plain Jane Ain’t A Bother For These Passionation Beauties

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by Passionation, Aug 03rd, 2018

The saying of ‘less is more’ couldn’t be truer as these ladies of Passionation strut out in their photos presenting their bare faces to the world. Going au naturel beautifully, scroll down to see who made it on the list!


1.       Rebecca Saw

Fondly known as wackybecky, Rebecca is often photographed bare-faced to reflect her healthy exercise and food regime.

2.       Jasmine Suraya

An actress and TV host, Jasmine is actively interested in everything concerning football.

3.       Sazzy Falak

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An actress, TV host and a mother of two, Sazzy’s priority still remains on her family.

4.       Neeta Manisha

A budding singer originating from Kedah, Neeta is the vocalist for her band, Iamneeta.

5.       Chan Won

A lifestyle blogger on beauty and travel, Chan Won puts her fresh bare face for honest reviews.

6.       Sarah Lian

A TV personality exuding elegance and natural charisma, bubbly Sarah is always on-the-go.

7.       Lynn Lim

A vibrant TV personality with a thirst for new experience, Lynn is also devoted to her family and kids.

8.       Pauline Tan

An actress, ballet dancer and piano talent, Pauline is also passionate about performing arts besides TV hosting.

9.       Lenna Lim

An actress and a professional cyclist, Lenna partakes in active hobbies whenever possible.

10.   Hoon Mei Sim

A singer, actress and TV host, Mei Sim loves participating in running and hiking activities.

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