How To Make Running All Fun And All Play
How To Make Running All Fun And All Play

How To Make Running All Fun And All Play

by Passionation, Aug 13th, 2018

If you’re one of those annoying people that already love running with overflowing enthusiasm, then you probably won’t need to read this at all. However, if you know somebody that hates to run, then this might be just what they need to turn running into an activity where they can enjoy instead of harbouring dread of forcing themselves to it.

First thing that run haters need to do is to lift off the seed of despair that running is for health or to lose weight. Get that out of your mind and you won’t be mentally pressured to start running. Once you’re free of that cloud, then you can apply these steps to enjoy your run.

1. Take regular walking intervals

Being a runner doesn’t necessarily mean running all the way to your destination. It helps to pace yourself with walking in between as these intervals provide a mental break as well as a physical one, to help you view it as an achievable small conquerable distance.

2. Buddy up for a run

One of the greatest tools for making the miles fly by, is to have one or more running buddy where good company equals to a bit of chit chat or hangout time before, during or after the run. You could even sneak in a friendly rivalry to egg each other on to the finish line.

3. Music up to your tempo

As research has shown that finding music with the right groove to match your running pace has a serious potential to make running fun, then create a playlist that helps you distract from pain and fatigue and before you know it, you’re running further, longer and faster with better mood, endurance and effort.

4. Shift your mindset

Always think of the times when you’ve completed a run or the fun you had with your buddies, hanging out together during the occassion. Recalling a positive memory helps enhance your motivation to exercise, so quit thinking about how you’re tired or sore after the activity.

5. Race a 5KM

Do a 5KM run instead of marathoning for 10KM because it’s welcoming for all ages and abilities and less of an undertaking, which is a good thing. It is less weary for the body, giving you plenty of time to bounce back with energy to pursue your next activity or hobby.

Now it’s time to lace up your sneakers and fire away these 5 tips to enjoy your run. Coincidentally, there’s a Pesta Harapan LED 5 KM Run just around the corner in PJ at midnight on the 15th September 2018.

Imagine crossing the finish line with your friends, glowing in the dark with LED race kits. You probably won’t feel tired at all from all the excitement and we bet you can’t wait to sign up for the next running event either!

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