Are You A True World Cup Fan? There’s No Doubt If You Possess These 5 Traits
Are You A True World Cup Fan? There’s No Doubt If You Possess These 5 Traits

Are You A True World Cup Fan? There’s No Doubt If You Possess These 5 Traits

by Passionation, Jun 11th, 2018

The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia is kicking off this month of June and this means for the next few weeks, all football fans will be ruled by their passions of anger, torment, joy and triumph. 

Football fans have always been deeply emotional and infatuated with the game that many non-football fans ‘don’t get it’ why these enthusiasts behave oddly, sometimes in contrast with their usual calm and sedate character. It’s like discovering a Jekyll and Hyde personality edging out with just a spark of provocation.

If you possess these 5 behaviours below, there’s no doubt that you live and breathe football, and no obstacle in your path will stop you from giving your all-out support to your favourite team.

1. You display absolute loyalty

Why do they paint their faces, dye their hair, be willing to custom make anything wearable or engage in bizarre rituals for good luck? Why do they still cheer for their teams despite corruption, scandal or other misdeeds?

A research on sports psychology in a US university have shown that as human beings, we cultivate a desire to feel a sense of belonging or a sense of social connection with others. We give ourselves identities by being a part of different groups and according to scientific explorations, the feeling of being socially connected, such as football fans who invest their feelings wholeheartedly in a team, attending their games and cheering along with their fellow fans, actually reap mental health benefits.

2. Your inner wild side breaks loose

It is also a form of disinhibition, an escape from their daily lives when these passionate fans display their adoration for their teams, whether they attend matches or watch it on TV. Their wild cheering, shouting, vuvuzela-blowing and making friends with strangers breaks them out from their ordinary reservations of politeness when engaged in an environment of people expressing uncontrolled enthusiasm.

Additionally, these ardent fans are creating a social identity that identify themselves as members of the team that they support, so they will take things personally, feel and experience the outcome of triumph and defeat without being concerned or aware of how others will evaluate their behaviour.

3. You bask in glory and mourn in failure

After the game, depending on their team’s performance, fans are likely to feel either one of two emotions, where a winning outcome induces joy and happiness; a beaten outcome sparks anger and sadness. 

The concept of basking in glory describes a phenomenon of people feeling great when their team aces their game. They certainly feel better personally, acquainting with their favourite team winning’s by identifying themselves as ‘we’ won instead of ‘they’ won.

On the other hand, when a team is defeated, fans would want to distance themselves from the humiliation by disassociating away from their favoured team by saying ‘they’ lost instead of ‘we’ lost.

Believe it or not, research has shown that winning not only improves a nation’s outlook, it also decreases the national death rate due to heart attacks.

4. You’d rather suffer for love

When you’re a fan of a team that’s ultimately a loser, you’ll know what’s it like to experience defeat after defeat that could span through years or decades without tasting victory. It’s a painful loyalty to suffer through cheers despite continued loss but nevertheless it cultivates an uncanny fandom built on true perseverance.

This may be one of the reasons why fans do not take kindly to those who ‘jump on the bandwagon’ based on a team’s winning streak, questioning their allegiance over people that continued to support their teams despite continued loss because true fans hold on to hope!

5. Your influencing power is at its peak

This World Cup season will be a many first for girlfriends, wives or kids that have yet to be initiated to the magic of football. Someone they love will be taking their hands to walk them into the stadium or their personal watching arena to embrace the skills, lights, sounds and overwhelming emotions that will most certainly be etched in memory and cherished for life.

Flexing your influencing power to the limit, new fan additions to your favourite team will be cultivated to embrace the pain, belief, frustrations and dreams that all football fans simply love to love!

On the last note, if your team has lost a game, discover Why Pancakes Are One Of The Best Anti-Depression Food here to boost your morale until the next match begins!

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