5 Things That Make Good Dads Extremely Desirable to Women
5 Things That Make Good Dads Extremely Desirable to Women

5 Things That Make Good Dads Extremely Desirable to Women

by Passionation, Jun 04th, 2018

The art of outstanding fatherhood skills can be derived from the fact of what most moms find sexy in men. To commemorate Father’s Day, let us delve into the secrets of men (dads) that have made women (moms) happy in their relationships. If you’re starting to think of six pack abs, fast cars or having lots of money, you’re dead wrong because it has very little do with those.

The number one factor that appeals and turns on most moms about their men is the way they care for kids. Ladies and gents who are parents are nodding their heads in agreement, because they know that maximum dedication to their families are what spouses love and cherish until the end of time.

Here are some examples of what make dads sexy to their moms.

1. Wearing babies

A sight of a large, brawny man partaking in a gentle act of strapping in an infant to his chest is a lovely vision that most women keel over because they love seeing men wear babies. They find it extremely attractive when a man is so masculine-confident to strap on his baby or use a baby carrier, not giving a hoot if other men are snickering at him. His love at being close to his babies triumphs any egoist’s opinion and unknowingly wins mega brownie points with moms.

2. Showering affection

We have pretty much seen dads that are not around to emotionally support their kids. He’s the guy that never plays with them, never tells them he loves them and never touches them except to spank them when they ‘get out of line’. He thinks that he’s already an awesome dad just because he brings home the pay check.

Moms are not digging this act anymore and they certainly don’t find this sexy at all. Dads who:

  • Immediately give their kids big bear hugs when they get home from work,
  • Are man enough to kiss their kids in public,
  • Constantly offer positive support to their kids,
  • Tell their kids how much they love them,
  • Let their kids sit on their laps while watching cartoons or completing puzzles,
  • Dance along with their kids to the ‘Baby Shark’ or ‘Move Like the Dinosaurs’ songs

Are dads that elevate the word ‘affection' to a whole new level of toughness. Welcome to the New Dad Order.

3. Keeping kids happy

He’s the first one to bust a move when the kids want to start a dance. Your son wants a Jedi partner for a Star Wars sketch? He’ll be there for the young Padawan.

Your daughter trying her hand at make-up? He’s there as her model. These guys have the highest level of confidence to be silly enough to make their kids happy because they know that being cool always lead to the best memories. Another attractive trait to many moms.

4. Automatically slips into maternal mode

You’re awaken in the middle of the night by your baby’s crying and he quickly gets up to tend to her so that you can continue sleeping. He whips up dinner or brings home your favourite take-out whenever you’re too exhausted to cook. He’s off to a business trip but he calls his daughter every day to say how much he loves her. He watches over the kids when you need a time out to regain your sanity. There’s no need to ask him to do these things, yet he does them on his own because he’s a great man.

5. Shows appreciation to his partner

Whether she’s a working or stay-at-home mom, life can be extremely stressful when she handles all the thankless gigs between diaper changes, toddler tantrums and mischievous kids. However, the stress magically disappears when her man pulls her aside to say, “Honey, I really appreciate everything you do for our family”. This little effort to say thank you gives the most meaningful impact to all moms and that is why their men will remain the sexiest dads to their hearts!

So, here’s a memo to young fellas who will eventually embrace fatherhood: if you demonstrate the traits mentioned above, you’re on your way to be a super dad in the eyes of your woman. When youhave an awesome relationship with your wife, you’ll probably raise some pretty awesome kids too!

Happy Father’s Day - Dad, we love you!

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