Having A Playful Yum-Cha with Adorable Dim Sums!
Having A Playful Yum-Cha with Adorable Dim Sums!

Having A Playful Yum-Cha with Adorable Dim Sums!

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by Passionation, Jun 04th, 2018

Originating from China, hundreds of years ago, the distinctive ancient culinary art of Dim Sum is thought to be linked to Cantonese cuisine, hailing from Northern China. Started out as a luxury nibble dish for wealthy folks and royalties, tea houses along the famous Silk Road began to hawk it as an everyday fare in their menu to perk up weary traders and travellers. Over the centuries, it has evolved into the bite-sized delicacies consumed today.

Dim Sum only began blooming in popularity when restaurants joined the foray, sparking business rivalry as tea houses fought back fiercely by offering ever increasing varieties. Creation of new Dim Sum dishes – the filling, pastry and shape - likewise depended on the available ingredients of the region and climate of its origins.

However, foodies acclaimed that Dim Sum from Southern China, Canton and Hong Kong top their choices for being appetizing and conveniently served at all mealtimes, not just during yum-cha (meaning ‘drink tea’ in Chinese) occasions.

[Yum-Cha is soooo boring without Dim Sum.]

[This is more like it. Sue Anne showing us how to yum-cha!]

Although it is an integral part of Chinese culture, Dim Sum is now widely appreciated in many countries, especially in Asia. Mostly served in bamboo containers or on small plates, these exotic snacks have been bringing Chinese families together from generation to generation with its addictive small servings that unmistakably prolongs the meal, encouraging closer ties amongst diners.

Today, many food aficionados and Influencers have shown that Dim Sum has furthered transitioned from your usual traditional fare to something more appealing and playful, making yum-cha even more fun with anticipation.

Scroll down our Influencers’ recommendation for your next entertaining Dim Sum drama!

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