Game Changers That Will Win Your Brand Strategy: Micro Influencers
Game Changers That Will Win Your Brand Strategy: Micro Influencers

Game Changers That Will Win Your Brand Strategy: Micro Influencers

by Passionation, May 15th, 2018

The Influencer marketing business is reaching new heights of interests as the digital world embraces a new generation of individuals that are notching up their significant impact on the social media platform.

Micro Influencers have found a snug fit in the social media market where saturation of the Big or Celebrity Influencers are curbed into markets that focuses mainly on their star attraction, high-end representation and endorsement value.

Here’s why Micro Influencers are going to change the landscape of digital marketing in years to come and why Brands are actively looking to this pool of people to promote their products or services.

  • The Price Tags

There’s no doubt that engaging big Influencers will dig deep into the pockets of those that can afford their high price tags as well as some prima donna issues. Because everyone is competing over the same small pool of talent, prices of big Influencers are getting crazier, not lesser. That’s where plenty of Micro Influencers who’ll waltz in happily to do the job for a cost much less. No worries.

  • Longstanding Relationships

Micro Influencers are potentially generating a steady pool of loyal followers that could morph into an immense market share in the near future. Brands are taking hold of that knowledge to assimilate their products to their target audience seamlessly at this core level to gain an advantageous foothold at the beginning.

  • Authentic & Candid

Whenever celebrities endorse products, there will be a niggle at the back of our minds wondering if they really use those products or just performing a service to those that engage them with high monetary benefits.

Savvy millennials can detect pretentious endorsements or reviews a mile away, so to effectively sell a product, Influencers are going to have to be more authentic and remember what got them to where they are – endorsing a product they like to use and not being compensated to like it. Micro Influencers are currently balanced to address the need for fresh and genuine brand relationships.

  • Gaining Respect

Every day, Influencers are trying to entertain us round-the- clock and they’re doing it on their own, most of them without any staff to help out. Being jack-of- all-trades, they write, produce, entertain and represent themselves legally without any agents. This is usually interpreted in the eyes of their followers as a genuine dedication to their pursuit, where followers develop respect, knowing that these Influencers are doing it for their passion, not for big money or free product.

  • Showing Us How It’s Done

We take our hats off to these Influencers for cosying up to our lives because we cannot imagine living without their help – we laugh at their silly videos, showing us how to cook, repair, apply makeup, wear fashionably or choose what products to buy. We could never live without you!

There’s no doubt that Influencers are known as the most powerful brand advocates of today. Also check out Why Does Your Brand Need Influencers?    

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