Lucca Low
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Something about myself...

Lucca Low was a member and the captain of the Malaysian singing group, Muse Girls. A talented singer, dancer and performer, Lucca entices her followers with her videos through her cute personality. She has recently created her own personal YouTube channel, posting about her vlogs and songs.

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13hrs ago
Lucca Low

喜歡看形形色色的心情❤❤ 看著你們的一言一舉😌😌 📷 by @xiaolouluo 這照片真的...

16 Dec
Lucca Low

喜則留厭則走,意見我沒有😉 。 人生也需要大掃除,勇敢除掉toxic people,你的生活就...

15 Dec
Lucca Low

心有多寬,路就有多寬❤ 。 超柔软的百搭针织上衣来自 @ladiescorner_ 😍😍 現貨...

13 Dec
Lucca Low

聖誕節的感覺真的好開心🎄🎄🎄謝謝@jeffleethc 的 @shauncheonghair ...

11 Dec
Lucca Low

不怕萬人阻擋,只怕自己投降😈😈😈 就算狼狽跌倒,也要華麗地站起來😏✨ 親愛的,距離2019還有...

08 Dec
Lucca Low

就算是閨蜜也可以很sweet❤❤❤只要跟著 @ulikecamera 給的指南,完全沒難度💕 ...

07 Dec
Lucca Low


06 Dec
Lucca Low

就算不能一直出國玩✈,但是也能在#soulapp 這裡認識很多國外的朋友。說真的。這APP我玩...

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