Fadzil Zahari
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Something about myself...

Fadzil Zahari is an actor, writer, publisher and successful entrepreneur who owns Prokuya Studios. He married Yana Samsudin in 2015, who is also a famous actress and singer. Being a father of one child, Fadzil Zahari devotes most of his time with his family, posting about gatherings and events in his social media.

17 Dec
Fadzil Zahari

Bawak abah pi shooting 🥰

16 Dec
Fadzil Zahari

Masih boleh guna perkataan 1 Malaysia lagi dak?...

15 Dec
Fadzil Zahari

Apoo.. @aisymateen tak cemas pun tengok bola!! ...

13 Dec
Fadzil Zahari

Reject intern tak pakai stokin 😌

11 Dec
Fadzil Zahari

Senyum sebelum hujannn... #SuamikuMrBlind

09 Dec
Fadzil Zahari

Assalamualaikum... selain berbuat baik pada ibu...

06 Dec
Fadzil Zahari

Saja usik isteri cakap abang nak modify van ni ...

06 Dec
Fadzil Zahari


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