10 Real Science Fiction Smart Wear Infiltrating Our Wardrobe

Do we really need that much data input ?

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Smart Watch

It’s so influential, even big designer brands are in the game.

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Smart Glasses

Fully feature packed with internal batt, touch pad, USB connection, HD camera, Micro SD, noise cancelling mic, dual-haptic feedback, full color see-thru display and AR ready.

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Head Wearables

Biometric monitoring technology is now available on your head to monitor BPM, calories burned, steps, cadence & more. Usually it’s water-resistant & can also be washed like a regular hat.

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Smart Jacket

Able to communicate & control your phone without looking at the screen.

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Smart Shirt

Collect and evaluate electrical activity produced by your muscles with embedded micro-EMG sensors to show how hard they are working.

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Smart Underwear

Measures distance, time, pace, impact, breathing rhythm and more. Intensity level data is utilized for optimal progress and fat burning results, while helping reduce the risk of injury and fatigue.

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Smart Socks

Besides monitoring step counting, speed, calories, altitude and distance tracking, it is infused with proprietary 100% textile sensors to track foot landing technique as you walk and run.

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Smart Pajamas

Sleep wear that uses a soft bioceramic print inside to harness Far Infrared, a type of energy on the infrared spectrum that helps athlete recover faster during sleep.

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Smart Belt

Besides the usual steps and distance counter, this belt monitors your waist size with sensors that measure pressure from your waist expansion during a big meal or drinking session.

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Smart Shoes

Movement sensors analyze pronation, supination, propulsion levels, impact force, fatigue, posture, steps, and calories with added auto-tightening & heating features.

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Future of Fashion

Science fiction or not, technology is definitely weaving into our fabrics. Get ready for a wardrobe overhaul.

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