Tweak Your Eating Habits With These 10 Simple Tips To Lose Weight

Eating healthily does not have to be a pain in the taste buds.

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Always portion your food

Find out what’s a good single serving size to keep that double chin away.

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Pizza or fast foods

There’s nothing wrong with having a couple of slices but not the whole pizza.

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Rice is ok if you portion it to your own handful per meal.

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They don’t have to be stuffed with lard, there’s an option to fill it with guacamole, eggs and cheese.

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Prepare healthy home cooked meals in advance. With proper storage, it will still be good and fresh for days.

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Less or no sugar is always best when quenching your thirst while keeping unnecessary calories away.

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Soups, especially herbal soups are great. They are low in calories, high in nutrients and very filling if you drink a lot.

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Less is more

The least your food is processed, the better it is. For example, sashimi beats fish ball hands down.

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Colors for life

The more color combinations you have with your veg’s, the more balance nutrients you get.

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It’s a great source of calcium and nutrient for strong teeth, bones and wound healing. One ounce of cheese per day is the recommended intake.

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Follow these guidelines and you’ll find it easy to keep healthy and trim.

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