10 Ways To Unglue Your Kids From The LCD Screens

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Run with your child

There are numerous short fun run activities available for you and your child to take part in. Running builds stronger muscles and bones and counters the current problem of child obesity.

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A stroll in the park

A simple stroll in the park during evenings will build strong bonds and lasting memories for them. When outside, they get to use their senses and understand the world.

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Building blocks of life

There are many educational toys around i.e. LEGO. Spend a moment to play with them and build their problem-solving, lateral thinking and organizational skills.

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Instill discipline and respect

Martial art classes are not all about self-defense, it’s a good avenue for your kids to learn self-discipline, respect and confidence.

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Stretching their imagination

Just spend half an hour in arts and crafts on alternate days and you’ll be amazed with their power of creativity. This activity also improves visual processing abilities and hone fine motor skills.

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See wild life up close

There are many mini safari and petting zoos popping up around town. Take them there to have a close look to understand and learn to respect nature.

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No need to be a water baby

Because of its ambidextrous qualities, swimming improves strength, coordination and balance. Having a short weekly swim session is a great thing for both of you.

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A leaf out of the book

Reading real books instead of e-books can be a great way to spend time with your child.

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Casting a balance character

Performing arts help to develop empathy, compassion, perseverance and self-confidence for your child. This is also a great medium for them to learn self-expression and presentation.

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No music, no life

Music lessons are great for improving your child’s academic, physical skills and patience.

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Do invest time in your child from an early age to keep them on the right track. Don’t miss out on their fast- growing years to an LCD screen!

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