Salam Taiwan From Mira Filzah

The beautiful actress and host, made famous by local drama, Rahsia Hati Perempuan, is also the Ambassador for Taiwan Tourism in Malaysia and Brunei.

Image: naturalbeauty_nasa

She is grateful for the ambassador role as she is the type that loves to travel.

Image: mfmirafilzah

She is enjoying her duties promoting Taiwan to be a Muslim friendly travel location, emphasizing on Halal eateries, accommodation & cosmetics.

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She explores and discovers many Halal eateries.

Image: mfmirafilzah

Convenient prayer locations are also part of her highlights such as the Taipei Grand Mosque.

Image: mfmirafilzah

As well as Taiwan’s famous and popular beautiful desserts.

Image: mfmirafilzah

Mira loves discovering more places of interest.

Image: mirafilzah.ig

Among her favorite location, the Qingtiangang grass fields.


For more info, do check out the promotional video Salam Taiwan on YouTube.

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