A Dozen Weirdest Hair Hacks That Works

We all have bad hair days and there are days when you suddenly run out of live saving hair products. Here are some quirky but reliable solutions to get back your Goldilocks look.

Image: jestinna

Gelatin For Thin Hair

Add food grade gelatin powder to your shampoo as it enhances the shampoo’s thickening ingredients. You’ll need only 2 tsp. of unflavored gelatin mixed with your shampoo to get fuller hair results.

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Aspirin For Hair Ache

For healthy looking hair, crush up one aspirin into your shampoo and lather up. The salicylic acid content in the aspirin helps banish dullness from your hair by clearing build up and dandruff as well.

Image: bridgerd_pharmacy

Coke Is It For Extra Hair Volume

Coca-Cola gives hair insane volume and texture. Drench your hair with Coca-Cola then wrap your head in a towel for 20 mins and get voluminous supermodel hair!

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When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Highlights

Apply lemon juice to your hair and comb it through gently then let the sun kiss the area for 30min. Repeat this process every two weeks or so for a gradual lightening of your hair.

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Snow On Your Shoulders?

Exfoliate your scalp of dandruff by mixing 2 tablespoons of baking soda with water to create a fine paste and coat your scalp with it. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes then wash off.

Image: green_gold_girl

No Heat Curls

If curling irons damage your hair, just use any light cylindrical objects and curl your hair instead. Spray your hair with water and roll it up. Wait till dry and remove curlers. Finish off by spraying with a texturizing product.

Image: corruption_cuties

Dry Cleaning Hair

Baby powder works exactly like dry shampoo and will soak up excess oil and leave your hair fresh and lets you go an extra day without needing to wash your locks.

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Your Glo Dish Washer Can Tone Down The Glow

To tone down hair color that you obviously choose wrongly, add 1 teaspoon of dish washer to your shampoo. Repeat daily till you are satisfied with the results.

Image: andrinadaud

Musk The Smell

Tight traveling schedule or lack of time to wash your hair? Just spray perfume on your comb and brush your hair to keep it smelling fresh.

Image: mawarashid

Toothbrush Your Hair

Going for the clean look and some hair just want to stand out? Just spray a toothbrush with hairspray and brush over your hairline. This will keep everything in perfect place.

Image: lesliepng

Anti-Frizz Treatment

If your hair frizzes out of control, just rub a coin-sized amount of hand lotion onto your palms and use it to smooth out the frizzy bits. Use sparingly and on emergencies. Hand lotion might not be good for hair.

Image: ruhainies7

Egg Your Head

To strengthen your hair, crack a few egg whites into a bowl and apply to damp hair and comb through. This also makes hair stronger and prevents the ends from breaking off.

Image: nanaalhaleq

If you have hair emergencies and don’t have time to hit the salon, try out these simple hair hacks at home for a temporary good hair day.

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