6 After-School Snacks That Every Malaysians Love Till Today

Image: @behypy

Remember visiting the convenience store after school for snacks? Or stocking up all the goodies our friends brought during teacher’s day and children’s day?

Image: foongpc

Here are a few snacks that we know every Malaysian absolutely loves till today!

Image: @serene_wenwen

1. Mamee Monster

Who doesn’t love Mamee Monster? The BBQ flavour was the absolute best!

Image: @julenekhor_

2. Mixed Pastilles

These pastilles were so good that we can’t stop eating it! We will definitely get a sugar rush after though!

Image: @efrillia_rumahcemilan

3. Apollo Cakes

Did you like the Original, Chocolate, Pandan, Cocoa, Strawberry, or Blueberry flavour? These cakes are so soft that it just melts in your mouth. Yum!

Image: @malaysia_snacks

4. Mister Potato

Remember how our hands could reach to the bottom of the chips when we were younger? Our adult hands could never!

Image: @sngdng8

5. Yupi Gummy Burger and Pizza

Did you share these gummies with your friends or hog them for yourselves? Did you eat it layer by layer or all at once? If you ate it all at once, we will seriously unfriend you!

Image: @gymnastiarporin

6. Sugus

Sugus was the best candy there ever is, even until today. But, remember when we kept it in our bags for so long that it sometimes just melts? Ew!

Image: @funkopopkustomsargentina

Did all these snacks bring you back to your childhood memories? What are your favourites? Ours are definitely Mamee Monster and Mister Potato!

Image: @mysurufoodie