Are You The Same Gang Of Peeps Losing ZZZs Over Slow Networks? Cuba Try Ini!

Fed up with empty promises #janjidicapati? Remember back in the days when we were promised high speed internet and full coverage? In the end we were tied up with a year’s contract of frustrations and interruptions.


Well, worry no more when you see a company that is bold enough to back up their claim with a 7 day Money-Back-Guarantee deal. Here’s how it goes.

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U-Mobile just launched their #UCubaTry 7-day Money-Back-Guarantee that will run from 23 April – 31 October 2019.

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Why suddenly so power? It’s because in just one short year, U Mobile has added over 2000 new and improved 4G sites and they are still going at it.

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This trial based network is available to new and existing U Mobile customers to enjoy FREE unlimited 4G high speed data, calls and 30GB data for mobile hotspot throughout the 7-day period with no strings attached.

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Before you start the trial, you will need to pay upfront a RM99 advance fee. If you decide to terminate the trial within the 7 day period, the initial advance fee of RM99 will be refunded within 14 working days.

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Even better news for those who want to “jump ship”, If you are switching over from another network provider, you will get an extra RM120 rebate i.e. RM10 rebate for monthly fees over a 12-month period.

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The best is not over yet. While getting a new network package, how about getting a brand new spanking phone for only RM0.99 when you subscribe to Unlimited HERO P79, P99 or P139? This is so #giler right?

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Here are the list of devices available for only RM0.99 when you sign up for the Unlimited Hero plan. Samsung Galaxy A20 32GB/ A30 64GB/ A50 128GB, iPhone 6s 32GB or Oppo F11 Pro 64GB.

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For more details, go to or just walk into any U Mobile Stores because you can grab a brand new phone there too.

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