6 attires which is no-no for annual company dinners

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It’s almost the end of year, which means… annual company dinners are coming up and it’s time to play dress up!

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The following tips would help you avoid any faux pas and keep you out of embarrassing topic conversations!

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1. Slippers are a disaster

Any kinds of slippers are not an exception for any events, even if the theme is casual. Swap those out for a pair of shoes, loafers or heels to bump up your look!

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2. Nothing too revealing

It’s totally okay to be a little revealing, but not too much! Some clothing that are too revealing might make you look a little unpleasant.

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3. Somewhere over the rainbow? We hope not!

As long as it’s not rainbow-themed, you have no excuses to dress up like a unicorn!

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4. This Is NOT a pajama party

Baggy clothes are comfortable, but if you style it wrongly, it will be a fashion fail. If you’re wearing something baggy on the top, wear a tighter bottom or vice versa.

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5. Overly ripped clothing

You don’t want to look like a hobo, period.

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If we sound mean, it’s all for laughs. Remember, we are talking about company annual dinners here! But seriously… Don’t make us call the fashion police!

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