Believe It Or Not, Celebrities Are Into These Weird Beauty Hacks

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Not all celebs spend a fortune on beauty care. Here are a few simple but quirky beauty hacks from them.

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The Upside Down Hadid Manoeuvre

It seems applying make-up upside down results in a more natural finish. Together in this ritual is Katy Perry and Julia Roberts.

Image: bellahadid

Knowles When To Glue-On

Beyonce uses a water soluble glue stick to keep her eye brows in shape. Remember the keyword – water soluble.

Image: beyonce

Harley Quinn’s Toothbrush

Margot Robbie uses a toothbrush to apply foundation into her hairline to ensure smooth and full coverage.

Image: margotrobbie

Black Widow’s Cider

Scarlett Johansson uses a simple apple cider vinegar as a facial wash to tone skin and heal breakouts faster.

Image: scarlettjohanssonbl

More Beers For My Hair

Catherine Zeta-Jones covers her hair from root to tip in beer and then washes it off after 20 minutes for fuller hair body and volume.

Image: catherinezetajones

The Ice Complexion

Kate Hudson’s simple hack to a smooth tight looking face is just place some ice in a bowl with water, then dunk your face in for 30 seconds.

Image: katehudson

So, what is your secret or traditional beauty hack? Or maybe give some of these a try and see if it will work wonders.

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