Boys, want to look like David Beckham? This is what he uses!

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Want to know the secret to David Beckham’s flawless skin? We have it! Single chaps, we are sure you will get loads of compliments on your skin after this!

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Here are a few recommendations that will help you achieve the Beckham look!

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The Aquapower Cleanser

If your skin is dry and you need some hydration, this cleanser is extremely gentle and it cleans up your impurities. It’s in a gel texture that transforms into a dense foam!

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T-Pur Anti Oil & Wet Cleanser

If your skin is on the oily side, this clay-like cleanser has a gentle scrubbing effect that unclogs all your pores from impurities!

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The Aquapower Ultra Moisturiser

David loves using the Aquapower in the morning as it is like a cool splash of refreshing water on his skin! If your skin needs to feel comfortable and moisturized all day, use this!

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Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Youth Architect Serum

This product will help you look forever young! This anti-aging and anti-wrinkles product help to firm and revitalize skin, while also smoothing fine lines!

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Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Eye Architect Serum

Men usually forget to care for their eyes! Your eyes are the thinnest area of skin on the face, and this serum helps to firm your eyes and reduce wrinkles!

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We’ve already given you the tips and tricks! It’s now up to you to decide on whether you want to look just as flawless as David!

Image: @biothermhomme