Champion Chicks of Malaysia

As a multi-racial country, chicken is one thing we all can agree with and blessed with tons of variations. Remember how we came together when someone commented our chicken rendang was not crispy enough? Here a list of strong chicks from Malaysia.

Image: yanakhairuddin

Ayam Tempayan/Pasu

Some say originated from Johor and some say Kelantan. Main spices are usually turmeric and honey. Always a strong contender during Bulan Puasa

Image: iekasadell

Ayam Golek

Golek aside Kenny Rogers, the Malaysian version is charcoal roasted for that extra bakar flavor. Also a big hit during Fasting month. Origins of the dish is traced to the east coast of Malaysia.

Image: ilovekelantan

BBQ Chicken Wings

Very popular among the Chinese community especially as a great snack with beer. It’s salty and sweet with strong hints of oyster sauce and honey. It gives buffalo wings a run for its money.

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Kepak Ayam Bakar

This chicken dinner also got its fame from Ramadhan Bazaars and closely mimics the ever popular BBQ chicken wings.

Image: makherohensem

Ayam Percik

Another favorite at Ramadhan Bazaar, this is roasted over charcoals and served with a satay like savory peanut sauce. This goes very well with Nasi Kerabu.

Image: salina_wajid

Hainanese Chicken Rice

This is the staple food for most working class Chinese community in Malaysia. Also the cause of never ending feud across the straits as to who did it first and did it better.

Image: iknowwhereeatsat

Ayam Tandoori

Thank to our Macha who brought this over from their homeland, this is a must enjoy during teh tarik sessions. We even enjoy it with maggi goreng.

Image: its_my_year_doggies

Satay Ayam

Originated from Indonesia, this is another dish all Malaysians agree with and Kajang is proud to be called satay town.

Image: semar.sate

Ayam Goreng Berempah

Another east coast recipe, this deep fried spiced chicken is served with nasi kukus and acar-acar. It’s the go to for a quick but hearty lunch.

Image: duniaresepi

Chicken Varuval

This is a must have during banana leaf rice session. But beware and take note that this black beauty of a dish is laced with tons of dried chilli ranking it close to atomic level.

Image: faraherda

If your chicken diet is mostly PUBG chicken dinners, ayam goreng Mcd/KFC or some K-Pop inspired fried chicken, please do hunt for these chickens and try them out.

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