Ever Wondered Where Some Christmas Traditions Came From?

It’s not all about the gifts, find out how the yuletide traditions came about.

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The Snowman

There is uncertainty about who made the first snowman. It was the carol “Frosty the Snowman” written by Steve E. Nelson and “Jack” Rollins in 1950 that popularized it.

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The Gingerbread Boy

The tradition was actually serving gingerbread for Christmas and Easter since the early 1800. The boy was a folk tale created in 1875 with no relation to Christmas.

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Christmas Trees

Plants that stayed green the whole year was considered good omen. It was medieval Livonia circa 1200AD (Estonia) that started bringing them into houses.

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An evergreen plant to hang on doors to ward off evil started by ancient Druids. Wasn’t for kissing under it. The berries are NOT red!

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Holly Plant

Holly is commonly mistaken as mistletoe. It was introduced as a decoration.

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Christmas Stockings

Legend was St. Nicholas wanted to help a poor man and his 3 daughters. At night, he threw bags of gold into their socks hanging by the fireplace to dry.

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Christmas Plum Pudding

There is actually no plum in it. Traditionally it was prepared with 13 ingredients to represent Christ and the 12 apostles.

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Milk and Cookies for Santa

This actually dates back to ancient Norse mythology.

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Kids would leave treats for Sleipnir – Odin’s eight-legged horse and hoping Odin would favor them with gifts in return.

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Yule Log Cake

It really was a huge log selected to be burnt at the hearth for 12 days. With the evolution of gas stoves, it soon became a cake.

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Passionation Wishes you a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

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