Flakes Cafe - A cosy new hub for finger-foodie café-goers

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Flakes café is one of the newly opened cafes that is located in The Hub, SS2, Petaling Jaya.

Image: mark0000619

Patrons will find the café’s interior filled with picture perfect spots for their Instagram.

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Here are a few things you should try out while you are there!

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1. Munch on yummy croissants

Flakes offers plain, almond, cinnamon, pistachio and matcha croissants. Savoury brunch croissants like their crab meat layered scrambled eggs are also served here!

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2. Have a cup of coffee.

Whether it’s your average cup of black coffee or a nice cup of matcha latte, all coffees will fill your coffee-holic needs!

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3. Enjoy brunch with your loved ones

There are plenty of options for brunch here and they look delicious!

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4. Satisfy your taste buds with sweet and savoury treats

This French toast looks incredible! If you are popping by, you should definitely try it!

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5. Try their signature dish

Who knew that cranberries and chicken could go together? Try “Double C” and explore your taste buds!

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Lastly, do visit and tell us what your favourite dish is!

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