Ganga Café - The perfect restaurant to have an Indian-vegetarian buffet!

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Nestled within Bangsar area, is an Indian restaurant that caters to vegetarians yet appeals to everyone’s palate!

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The best part about this café is not only their ambience, but they also have a buffet lunch every Sunday, and it only cost RM25/pax!

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Food like Dhokla, Khavi, Naan, Spring Rolls, different types of vegetables, curries and more are served in this buffet.

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For you people who are ‘anti-veges’, don’t be afraid to give Ganga a try, as you won’t even notice that the food is all vegetarian as it’s incredibly delicious!

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If you are not interested in the buffet, their a-la-carte menu won’t disappoint too! All food is filled with incredible spices and cooked in south and north Indian style!

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Ganga also serves the healthiest, refreshing juices. Try their Pranic juice, Beetroot Crush, Detox Cooler and many more to charge up!

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If you’re a fan of Indian sweet treats like Kulfi, you can also get your hands on them there!

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Have we convinced you enough to visit this amazing spot? You really have to try it! Trust us, you will definitely be going home with a food coma!

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Image: @thegangacafe