Get more bang for your fashion buck at these trendy apparel stores

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We love being stylish but these days, clothes are getting more expensive which makes it harder to be a fashionista.

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By thrift shopping, you can save money while helping to protect the environment! Here are 5 spots to check out.

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1. JBR Bundle

JBR bundle is located at a few places, therefore, check out where is the nearest to you before you go and thrift away!

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2. Jalan-Jalan Japan

Jalan-Jalan Japan’s price starts at RM1 and all items are shipped directly from Japan!

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3. POP by Jaya One

Pop by Jaya One has a lot of retail pop up shops but many did not know that there are pre-loved items here too!

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4. Family Bundle

Family Bundle is famous for its RM5 price tags, how incredible is that?

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Originally from Singapore, REFASH has a vision to reduce clothing wastage. There are also many options of brands that you might find here!

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Remember, thrift shopping takes a lot of patience, so take your time to find your perfect ‘fashion runway’ pieces here.

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