Getting Millennials To Buzz With The Art Of Subtle Influencing

Image: lengyein

How influencers inform, inspire, advice and clarify intentions to messaging their fans is definitely an art not easy to master. Here are some trends budding influencers can lookout for.

Image: owenyapkh

Provoke Creatively

To be heard over the noise on social media, you need to be bold and daring. Jaw-dropping visuals do leave a longer lasting impression.

Image: sunshinekelly2988

Conjure Layers Of Interaction

Content that create chances for readers to interact and get involved in will get people buzzing and fussing.

Image: owenyapkh

Philosophically Minimal

Minimalist pictures or content with elements that contribute to deeper/multiple meanings get people to think, reflect and make for great metaphors and inspire discussions.

Image: cyrusy87

Environmental Awareness

Getting involved in environmental concerns are always a hit. Images that show the true state of the world we live in are visuals that will inspire change.

Image: daphneiking

Be The Favourite

If you can’t topple the best, you can always strive to be the favourite or the popular. The favourite child doesn’t have to be the smartest of the lot.

Image: markodea8

Finally, avoid exaggerated languages and promises you can’t hold. Clickbait is out of fashion. Attracting with a blazing headline and having followers leave disappointed is not cool anymore.

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