Have you seen the most outgoing juice there is? Who would’ve thought?

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If you’ve been going for events like Riuh!, Tiffin’s Food Court, Good Vibes Festival, and more, you must have seen Sjora around!

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Yes, this drink is as out-going as you are, or maybe even more outgoing than you! Don’t play-play ok! Starting to get curious? Let’s find out more!

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Sjora was introduced by Nestle, and it is a premium refreshing beverage made with a combination of fruit juices and milk!

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It is also a nutritional product that is served cold, usually over ice, and its purpose is to be a healthier alternative to carbonated soft drinks!

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How is it healthier? All drinks by Sjora does not contain caffeine, carbonation and high fructose corn syrup, and they are all made with natural flavours!

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Sjora has ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) in all their drinks to give you a boost and they use non-fat milk too so there’s no need to worry about adding calories!

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Enjoy flavours like Mango Peach, Tropical Pineapple, Apple Pear, and more! Unique flavours like Sjora Ice Kacang and Sjora Jasmine Boba was also seen in some events!

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Want to try it out? Head on to your nearest KFC, 4 Fingers, Uncle Bob Fried Chicken, TGV Cinemas, Carl’s Jr, Genting Highlands and more to get it!

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Quench your thirst and get healthier with Sjora now! Don’t forget to say #OnzToSjora!

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