How To Feel Like A Million Bucks With Your Own Genie

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Everyone is sure wishing that they had their own personal genie to chase away the blues. Here’s what we imagine genie could do:

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Eat All You Can With No Carbs

Food heals the soul but not the waistline. Get genie’s power to whip up all your favourite calorie-inducing food and feast without adding on the inches

Image: jordalthuizen

You Can Really Shop Till You Drop

Another activity proven to kill sadness and unfortunately the bank as well. So, suddenly striking the lottery and buying what you want but don’t need is surely a morale booster.

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Go For Fire & Ice Vacation

Going on the latest vacation trend without thinking about budgets and annual leave constraints is a dream that genie can achieve for you.

Image: peterlaschtowitz

Looking Like A Million Bucks

With me, myself and I not having to worry about others or any responsibilities, it is time for that princess level beauty care.

Image: cyng_nailart

Posh Living Upgrade

How about moving up from a pangsapuri to a palace?

Image: luxury_boss_life

Adding Skills To Impress

With the world in your grasp, how about adding some social skills to make you look cooler?

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Alas, if you don’t have a genie, you can still do the above-mentioned things on a smaller scale. So get to it and reward yourself once in a while.

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