If you want glowing skin like J.Lo, Miranda Kerr or Rihanna, this vitamin drink could help you achieve it!

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The Blackmores Luminous botanical beverage claims to help people achieve luminous glow and maintain healthy skin.

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There are many who have said that it really works, and let’s find out whether it’s true!

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Can’t believe that my moisture level improved about 60% and 30% on skin elasticity

Singer, actress and TV host, Azira Shafinaz, have said that it took her just 2 months of consuming this beverage and she’s quite satisfied with the results!

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My skin texture became lighter and glows more!

Influencer, Mia Chai, tried the product for three months and said that her skin moisture level increased too!

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Oil levels, skin texture, and overall complexion showed big improvements

Actress, Jasmine Suraya, tried this product for 8 weeks and had a photo diary of her journey without make up or editing. The results are unbelievable!

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My face doesn’t feel dry after cleansing anymore

Entrepreneur and actress, Bella Dally, said the drink helped improve her stressed skin! Her skin became less oily and she now has improved complexion.

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I definitely see my complexion getting more radiant, brighter and healthier

Actress, host and model, Eleena Sui mentioned the drink also accommodates her busy schedule as the packaging is small and light, and she takes it on the go daily!

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If you are wondering what the secret ingredient is in this drink, it’s definitely the blend of pomegranate, olive fruit, sea buckthorn and amla.

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Wow, with so many positive reviews, it’s no wonder that the Blackmores Luminous botanical beverage won’t disappoint!

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