Incredible Ways To Repurpose Your Old Clothes And Save Some Money Too!

Image: zaeraca

Skimping and saving is the way to go in these economic times. Here’s some ringgit-saving ideas to repurpose your old clothes.

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1. Make A Blanket For Your Loved Ones

Take snippets of your old clothes and create a unique blanket.

Image: taco_the_puppy01

2. A Multi-Purpose Bag For Your Knick Knacks

A bag made out of old jeans is a convenient carrier for small items.

Image: ankostoffarten

3. Craft A Fabric-Yarn Basket

Created from scraps of old t-shirts, pants and dresses.

Image: lilacsnlavender

4. Gimmicks To Retain Your Favourite Wear

Cut off any trousers to shorts or...

Image: adrian.bgdn

Long-sleeved shirts to sleeveless tops.

Image: "tangenstingogtang"

5. Upcycling Your Fashion

Accessorize with objects on old clothes (e.g. old CDs) to sparkle up.

Image: sarah_foodie

Bottomline, you can save some moolah, be unique and do your bit to conserve the environment!

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