10 Intriguingly Prepared Coffees from Around The World

Take your caffeine levels to a new high with these traditionally prepared coffees with a twist in their respective countries.

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Espresso Romano – Italy

This is a single or double shot of espresso served with a squeeze of lemon juice and fresh lemon peel on the rim of the cup.

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Türk Kahvesi – Turkey

The beans are simmered in a pot and it is served with sugar if desired. But there is a superstition belief that after your drink, the leftover coffee powder patterns formed in your cup would tell your future.

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Pharisäer – Germany

It’s a German tradition from North Frisia. Just add 40ml of rum to a cuppa and top it off with whipped cream. You must not stir it and just sip it through the whipped cream.

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Café de Olla – Mexico

Water is boiled with cinnamon stick and raw dark sugar. Then ground coffee powder is added and left to steep for 5 mins. Served with orange peel in cup or Kahlua for the bold.

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Karsk - Norway

Made of 1 part coffee to two or more part moonshine/vodka. Traditionally, you put a penny at the bottom of your cup, fill it with 1/3 coffee then add moonshine till you can see the penny again.

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Kaisemelange – Austria

Mix raw egg yolk and honey in your cup, the stir in piping hot strong black coffee. This drink is also famous in Scandinavia.

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Kaffeost – Finland

This black coffee comes with chunks of cheese placed at the bottom of the coffee. It is known to create a magical taste similar to Tiramisu, creating a dessert-like beverage.

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Café Touba – Senegal

This drink is prepared with Arabica coffee that was roasted with guinea pepper and cloves. Served hot, it’s great for stomach relief, respiratory problems and is a natural anti-depressant.

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Kahwa – Saudi Arabia

This green coffee concoction is infused with cardamom, cloves and saffron to create a luxurious brew. It is a popular welcome drink and also for breaking fast during Ramadhan.

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Black Ivory Coffee - Thailand

Move aside Kopi Luwak, elephant dung coffee is the most expensive currently. Because Dumbo is an herbivore, there is less acidity in the digestion process resulting in beans that are more immaculate and flavourful.

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Do seek or create these artisan coffees to try out their unique flavours. Your mornings might never be the same again.

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