Local Curious Peeps Are Taking A Break At These Amusing Getaways

Here’s some of the coolest, hippest and unique getaways that’s just waiting to be discovered around Malaysia.

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The Yoyo Car

Have you tried the coin-operated ride that’s getting plenty of laughs? Available right in Lexis Hibiscus, Port Dickson.

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Little New Zealand

Desa Dairy Farm in Mesilau, Sabah gives you the feel that you are not in Asia. Get up close and educational with the cows in the cool, misty breeze with fresh dairy products available!

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The Rainforest Treehouse

Climb a tree and stay in a house surrounded by the rainforest. Try tree housing for the night in Gunung Pulai, Johor with all the comfort necessities included!

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Gomantung Cave

If you fancy some Indiana Jones thrill, where bats and roaches roam in free abundance, take a brave walk down to the cave in Borneo Island if you have the stomach for it

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Farm In The City

Experience Malaysian wildlife and farm animals in a family-friendly petting zoo modelled after a traditional Malay village in Seri Kembangan.

Image: farminthecity.my

Feed The Hippo

Here at the Lost World Of Tambun, Ipoh, you can cross off your special checklist – feeding a hippopotamus, among many other animal-related activities!

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Magical Fireflies

Kuala Selangor’s best kept secret is its Firefly Park Resort located in a quiet fishing village. Get magical with a million-visual symphony of lights

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Hot Spring Dipping Pools

A popular wellness retreat located at Ipoh, the Banjaran Hotsprings will invigorate and pamper you amidst old limestone hills and cascading waterfalls

Image: thebanjaran.com

Sea Walking

Enjoy the underwater world at Pulau Redang without the hassle of learning scuba diving. All made possible with the help of a 35kg helmet

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Microlight Flying

Soar up high in the sky and fly like a bird with the world under your feet at Sepang, with the Microlight machine for a delightful adventure.

Image: Muhd hanis Jailani

Satisfy your curiosity by planning for these trips and bring back the child in you!

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