Malaysian movie kakis are sure to encounter these 5 types of movie go-ers.

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If you love watching movies in the cinema with your friends, we are sure you’ve encountered the different personalities of all your movie buffs.

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If your friends are one of the below, please send this article to them so they can reflect! (Joke!)

Image: @dilaslife2

1. The Sleeping Beauty

Ever have one of those friends who sleeps throughout the whole movie? We don’t get it! Why pay just to sleep in the cinema?

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2. The Talker

Have one of those friends who just can’t stop talking in the cinema? SHHHH…You are ruining it for everyone!

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3. The Movie Analyst

We are sure you have friends who analyse every single detail of the movie right after. Wah, we didn’t know you are a movie analyst loh.

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4. The Goldfish

Ever watched a movie with one of your friends but they deny watching it with you, or ever watching it? Worse, when you make a movie reference, they don’t remember anything?

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5. The Excited One

Do any of your friends clap and scream every single exciting moment during the movie? These people are usually fun to be at the movies but please don’t overdo it!

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