Malaysians Will Go Ga-Ga Over This Coming-Soon Food Crazes

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From boba rice to salted egg ice-cream, Malaysians are always up for a new food craze.

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Here’s a whiff on what to expect for the year ahead.

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Coffee with medicinal mushroom could be the new health craze for caffeine buffs.

Image: myberryforest

Edible flowers are erupting everywhere as toppings on smoothies, cereals, pizzas and cakes.

Image: hey_mama_wolf_yarns

Enjoy getting buzzed and getting energy. Coffee beer would be the perfect happy hour drink.

Image: coffebeer_jakartaaa

Ice-cream that’s being rolled up for your indulgence. This blissful concoction would be a hit in our weather.

Image: rollingiceofficial

A new way to drink your nutrients, bottled soup is predicted to replace juicing as a new fad.

Image: projectjuice

Lastly, how about a combo of sushi and croissant? We await this French-Japanese invention with anticipation.

Image: hellobecausewecan

Meanwhile, our bubble tea craze is still the king as we wait for the new champion!

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