Mamma Mia Exposed Croatia’s Best Kept Secret

Before you sail off to catch that Mamma Mia vacation, here are facts you might want to know before you go island hopping and start singing Take A Chance On Me.

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The Island Of Vis

The 2nd Mamma Mia movie was not filmed in Greece, it’s actually done in the Island of Vis located off Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast and the farthest inhabited island from the Croatian mainland.

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What Keeps The Island Afloat

The main industry for the 35-square-mile island is agriculture (wine grapes), fishing and tourism. The population of the island is just shy of 4000.

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How To Get There?

There are 2 ways. You can get there from mainland via a 2.5hr ferry, 1hr speedboat or fly in from Split just like the stars of Mamma Mia.

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Villa Donna Does Not Exist

Don’t go searching for it because it does not exist but fortunately there are many villas on the island that is as beautiful and magical as Villa Donna.


Vis Town

Filled with 17th century architecture, there are also beautiful beaches surrounding it. The best place for sunset walks. This was a Mamma Mia film location.

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Stiniva Beach

It was awarded Best Beach in Europe 2016. You need to charter a boat to get there. Hiking is possible but only for experienced hikers with proper gear. Another Mamma Mia film location.

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It’s a 12th century harbour and fishing village that somehow managed to stay period perfect. This location was also filmed in the movie.

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Blue Cave/ Blue Grotto

This waterlogged sea cave is at the Island of Biševo about 4.5 nautical miles from Komiža. Every day when the sun is at its peak, the cave will be flooded with blue light.

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Mt. Hum

This highest mountain in Vis is 586m above sea level. At the peak you will find a chapel and a bird’s eye view of Komiža. Take a 2hr hike or rent a scooter to get there.

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“Pomalo” (Taking It Slowly) Cuisine

You’re in a gastronomic heaven as Vis is famous for fishing and grape agriculture. Every restaurant you visit will most likely have a sunset view, fresh seafood and dry white Vugava wine.

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Now that you’ve Knowing Me Knowing You about Vis, it’s time to start planning your vacation before film induced tourism hype up the prices of your visit. Best time is June – September.

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