Masterpieces in these KL art galleries will not bore you

Image: Giphy

Whether it’s a date, family outing or being an art enthusiast, these are the art galleries you should not miss in Kuala Lumpur!

Image: @geyinglee

1. National Art Gallery Malaysia

The Leonardo Da Vinci art exhibition in Kuala Lumpur that have just passed is all everybody has been talking about. This gallery is always filled with exciting upcoming exhibitions!

Image: @irin.ezleen

2. G13 Gallery

This art gallery has both international and local art, and they also have been participating in multiple regional art fairs for the past few years. It is definitely worth a visit!


3. Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery

Walk through the history of Malaysian art in this gallery. This gallery focuses on the Central Bank’s collection of Malaysian and Southeast Asian art accumulated since 1962.

Image: @schaalyahya

4. Wei-Ling Gallery

Wei-Ling Gallery is now one of the largest commercial galleries in Malaysia. The gallery has a huge number of projects and exhibitions featuring local as well as foreign artists.

Image: @chea

5. APW Bangsar’s S.L.A.M (Support Local Artists Malaysia)

S.L.A.M is one of the very new weekend art exhibitions that hopes to encourage the art scene in Kuala Lumpur. This event features local Malaysian artists!


Lastly, check out all these museums/exhibitions and have a fun daytrip!

Image: @garywong111