Multi-music award winner Jay Chou is coming to KL in 2020 to rock your soul!

Image: @jaychou

All the way from Taiwan, Jay Chou is coming to KL on the 29th of February, 2020 in National Stadium Bukit Jalil for his Carnival World Tour.

Image: @jaychou

Many fans have grown up with Jay Chou’s songs and we can’t get enough even though his last concert here in Malaysia was in 2018!

Image: @jaychou

Here is what you should look forward to if you’ve got your hands on his tickets!

Image: @jaychou


Great performance

Jay Chou’s concerts are usually extraordinary and many have said that he’s a great performer!

Image: @edc88888_____


Expect songs from the past and present

Jay Chou was popular since more than a decade ago, and even if you do not know his new songs, don’t worry, he will usually sing his older songs as well!

Image: @kabee_bb


A great sing-along

During Jay Chou’s concert in 2018, a fan was given a mic in the audience to sing along with him. We’re hoping to have that again this year but if not, join the rest of the fans and sing your heart out!

Image: @jaychou


Beautiful graphics

Jay Chou’s performances are always filled with beautiful, colourful graphics in the background that makes you feel like you’re in a dream! Since this year’s theme is a carnival tour, expect even more!

Image: @xiangang


Hopefully some piano-playing

Catch Jay Chou’s talent in piano playing while singing. What can’t he do?

Image: @jaychou

Lastly, we hope we got you even more excited for the upcoming concert! It will definitely be a blast!

Image: @jaychou