Need some OOTD ideas for this festive season? Here are some world inspirations!

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Christmas is celebrated differently in every country, and of course, everyone wears depending on the different seasons as well.

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If you’re planning on festive visits, here’s a few Christmas OOTD to inspire you!

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1. England

England’s Christmas celebration is during winter. Time to bring out all your Christmas sweaters!

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2. Australia

Christmas in Australia is during summer, the perfect time to wear your cute summer outfits!

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3. Malaysia

Malaysia is summer all year round, therefore, their wardrobe consists of all things light and breezy while also sticking to Christmas coloured themes.

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4. Japan

Japan’s Christmas falls in winter that’s dry with little rain or snow. Put on your scarves and woolly coats to warm up your body.

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5. Philippines

Christmas in Philippines is usually sunny with minimal rainfall, and temperatures are usually cooler too! Therefore, outfits are a mix of Christmas summer colours.

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6. China

China is covered in snow in most of the states during Christmas. Bring out your thick coats, gloves and a hat to keep you warm!

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We hope you are inspired by these Christmas outfits. The most wonderful time of the year is almost here!

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