No Matter What Era You’re In, You’ll Enjoy Playing These Legendary PC Games

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For millennials who are glued to their smartphones battling out in the PUBG realm, have you ever wondered where it all began?

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Diablo II

Released in 1997, the player journeys through sixteen levels to enter Hell itself to face Diablo. Blizzard’s game perfection has allowed Diablo II to completely defy the typical videogame life span.

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Released in 1996, Quake is a first-person shooter game, battling monsters through a maze-like environment. Its graphics are considered retro chic.

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Baldur’s Gate II

Another successful RPG released in 1998 adapted from the iconic Dungeons & Dragons combat with its plethora of truly ageless dialogues.

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Final Fantasy

No one should miss out this legendary RPG from Japan that was released in 1987. This sci-fi fantasy was set 200 years into the future.

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Resident Evil

You are not a gamer if you don’t know this big kahuna of the walking dead world. Released in 1986, this was another giant hit from Japan as well.

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Now that you’ve taken a historical tour, these classic games are worth playing, so have fun reliving the good old days!

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