No Money After The Festivities? Try These 7 Tips To Stretch Your Ringgit

If overspending during the festivities is habitual for you, you’re among millions of rakyat trying to pinch their pennies till their next ‘hari gaji’. Here are 7 tips that can help you last the drought.

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eWallet Payment Gateways

The new payment system to take over cash. Take advantage of the many companies offering instant cash upfront for new users and also loads of super deals for existing users. Download them all and you’ll get extra spending cash and unbelievable offers on purchases using their services.

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Your Service/Network Provider

Check out your network provider’s app. They offer great deals as well, usually a Buy 1 Free 1 F&B deals that really help to save on food expenses for couples or families.


Credit/Debit Card

Your credit/debit card is one way to shop for great deals. With tight competition from eWallet payment gateways, you’ll find continuous monthly/weekly discounts and promotions that could lighten your burden.


Car Booth Sales/Flea Market

You actually have more than you need, so sell off your old items such as clothes, electricals or anything legal under the sun at car booth sales/flea market. Even unused freebies obtained from other purchases might be worth a few bucks to others.


Shop For Local Goods

It’s the best time to try out local or house brands during this economizing period. They are sometimes 30% more cost effective than branded products at the same value.

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Utilize Coupons/Promotions

There are plenty of local websites offering you great coupon deals. They usually cover everything you would need from F&B, entertainment, home & living, fashion and more. Check out sites like


Offer Your Skills

This is a great option if you are handy or possess skills such as handy work, make-up services, cleaning, cooking or even pet-sitting. Register yourself or post your services legally on social media, then spare some weekends to get work done for others while getting paid. You can even work part-time as a ride share driver.

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Give these options a run to get some savings and you might find that it could even tide you over till your next paycheck!

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