5 Non-Joking Fun Facts About Joaquin Phoenix

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Joaquin Phoenix starred as the latest “Joker” and many found him superb for the role.

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The movie was only released recently but it had sparked responsive conversations around the world.

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Besides just being the “Joker”, here are a few fun facts about Joaquin Phoenix.

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Conversations over photos

He will never take a selfie with his fans, he prefers to have conversations with them instead.

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Director of “Joker”, Todd Phillips thought he was amazing

“Joker” Cinematographer, Lawrence Sher mentioned that after the first scene, Joaquin was done after one take because Todd Phillips was so impressed!

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Joaquin also acted in another award-winning movie

“Her” was one of the movies that won many awards. Even though “Her” was really different than “Joker”, Joaquin managed to pull both of them off!

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Joaquin is engaged to “The girl with the Dragon Tattoo”

Joaquin has been with Rooney Mara for more than three years now. They’ve starred in three movies and a documentary together as well!

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His name was “Leaf” for more than 10 years

Joaquin changed his name to “Leaf” in 1978 because he was annoyed that people could not pronounce his name properly!

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Lastly, lets hope that Joaquin Phoenix finally gets an Oscar award which he really deserves!

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