5 nostalgic reasons why most 90’s babies will always love this fast food chain!

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Back in those days, no one does it better than A&W! That’s why many were upset when the Petaling Jaya A&W outlet was supposed to close down. Phew, thank god it hasn’t yet!

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The A&W in PJ was the first fast food restaurant in that area and many youngsters love frequenting all its outlets too!

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If you still don’t get why we love it, here are a few reasons why A&W will always have a special place in our hearts.

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Root Beer Float

Who doesn’t love root beer floats? That delicious fizzy drink with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream…Yums! Definitely something most of us love from A&W!

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Birthday Parties

Throwing a birthday party in A&W was the coolest thing that you could ever do as a kid. Having the A&W bear during birthday parties was every child’s dream!

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Coney Dog

Whether it’s chicken or beef Coney, we all love it! Besides the classics, they now also have Sichuan Mala Coney! Who doesn’t love some spice?

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Waffle With Ice Cream

A meal in A&W is never completed without waffles and ice cream. There are many people who still absolutely love this and it really brings back memories!

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Curly Fries

A&W curly fries was the OG (original), and it still is! Before any other food chains in Malaysia, A&W was the first who introduced many of us the best type of fries ever!

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We know you are all craving for some A&W now! Why not head down to your nearest store to get your cravings fixed?

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