9 Passionation Kings That Prove Putting On A Mask Is Not Fake

No longer a taboo, facial mask for men has gained popularity and traction since popularized by the K-pop scene. Follow our 9 influencers that aren’t afraid to show their masked face.

Image: lucaseelau

Alvin See is a professional photographer, passionate in capturing specific moments during his travels and sharing them on social media. He likes to keep his skin bright and moisturized all the time.

Image: alvinseeck

Cyrus Yong is a well-known travel buff who posts his touring adventures in his social media. He is also a believer in deep pore cleansing masque.

Image: cyrusy87

Akademi Fantasia champion, singer, song writer, husband, father and family man, Vince Chong, adds a mask at the end of his daily moisturizing sun block session.

Image: vincetogram

With looks similar to popular Korean idol TOP, Lucas Lau has amassed a large fan base that follows his fashion stint in the social media channels.

Image: lucaseelau

Ex Malaysia Airlines steward turned actor Nazim Othman believes that home facial care is not sufficient enough. He prefers to leave his face in the good hands of professionals from time to time.

Image: nazimothman

Actor and model, Azrel Ismail is not only known for keeping fit, he takes care of his skin with a Midas touch, by applying a gold mask.

Image: azrelismail

Local actor and singer, Henley Hii, takes a break during acting at an open location to mask and nurture his skin in hot weather.

Image: henleyhii

Gary Wong's stylish postings on fashion and lifestyle amidst his busy business schedule reminds him to take stock of his skin once in a while with a facial mask.

Image: garywong111

Singer and actor Anding Indrawani won't forget to mask his face when he takes a break from his busy schedule with his beloved cat.

Image: andingindrawani

So, just like Jed who is a lawyer, dancer and violinist, join the rest of the Passionation guys that are taking care of their skin because the face greets people first, followed by the handshake.

Image: jedtheoptimist