Playing A Musical Instrument Means You Have These 9 Advantages

There is one other way to look cool on your Insta – add a musical instrument and you’ll be looked upon like a star in the making! Also, learning to play one is actually beneficial for you. Here are 9 reasons why you should pick one up.

Image: Kevin Ong

Better Memory & Motor Skills

When you play a musical instrument, parts of your brain that control motor skill, sound information storage and memory grows and become more active.

Image: monique.martinelli

Higher IQ Levels

Playing musical instruments can raise your IQ by up to 7 points.

Image: Shaine Wong

Acquiring More Patience

Practice, practice and more practice are how musicians excel. This will build patience and perseverance over time.

Image: Fynn Jamal

Enhanced Coordination

When playing an instrument, your brain subconsciously convert music notes into specific motor patterns, hence requiring a lot of hand-eye coordination.

Image: Daniel Fong

Sharpened Concentration Skills

Playing music requires high concentration on rhythm, pitch, note duration, sound and tempo.

Image: ballaratyoga

Healthier Lungs and Respiratory System

Breathing exercises are highly recommended for musicians especially if you’re into wind instruments like bagpipes or saxophones.

Image: tobbax77

An Entertaining Way To Relieve Stress

Music is art. Play it however you want to. Music is also therapy known for treating depression and relieving stress.

Image: Eyka Farhana

Achieving A Sense of Fulfilment

Every time you master a new song and play it for an audience, it will always become a rewarding experience for both parties.

Image: treeyaaa

Increased Confidence and Pride

Once you master your instrument and play in front of an audience, you start to build your confidence level and you will be comfortable performing in bigger crowds.

Image: yarden_saxophone

With so many great benefits, you should really give it a go.
Maybe a 2019 resolution?

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