Prepare your camera for the most Instagrammable cafe in town

Image: Giphy

Therefore Café is a new spot that has just opened in Petaling Jaya.

Image: @taniazainudin_

This café is envisioned to be a space where people cross paths and share real connections.

Image: @ricejasminee

The food here is aesthetically pleasing and it looks incredibly yummy!

Image: @christal_foo

Better yet - Therefore Café serves dishes that has a Malaysian twist, just like this Rendang beef burger.


Friends who eats brunch together, stay together!

Image: @mr.zfantasy

Expect amazing desserts as well, just like this one called “Money Bag Guaranteed"

Image: @eve_karshinnnnnn

Coffee lovers can enjoy their daily cuppa here.

Image: @raymond_make_it

Lastly, don’t forget to add this to your café list as you really wouldn’t want to miss out!

Image: @jessicachaw