PUBG Tips & Tricks For The Noob

If you’re a newbie wanting to try the free Android PUBG game that’s taking the online community by storm, here are some valuable tips to get a head start and enjoy the game.

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A Good Landing Spot Keeps You Alive

Spawning off a plane via a parachute, the best place to land are the outskirts of buildings for finding loots like weapons, armor or medical kits. Be cautious of other seasoned players looting there as well.

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Loot First Shoot Later

Once you’ve landed, don’t get into any fights. Hide and start looking out for loots. You need weapons, ammos and armor. Then you’ll need a back pack for first aid kits, bandages and pain killers.

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Your Weapons

Initially you’ll come across all sorts of guns, rifles and grenades. Any gun is great when you have none and every gun is useless if you run out of ammo. An assault rifle is definitely better than a hand gun.

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Must Have Weapon

A sniper rifle with an 8X scope is a must have. It’s hard to shoot while moving around. So it’s easier to pick off opponents while sitting quietly far away. Your weapons capabilities will influence how long you get to stay in the game.

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Protection, Protection And More Protection

Head and body armor helps keep you in the game longer. It comes in level 1 – 3. Do keep in mind that a fresh level 1 armor is better than a damaged level 3 armor. Do check your armor after battles.

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Storage Capacity

Just like armor, back pack comes in 3 levels. Level 3 will help you store more necessities such as ammo, first aid and grenades.

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Shoot On Range And Not On Sight

Only shoot if your weapon can hit the range/distance of your foe or else you will just be making noises giving away your location/hideout.

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We All Need A Ride

A vehicle is always faster than on foot and they are littered around the map especially big cities and main roads. From motorbikes, buggies to jeeps, take caution as there are other 99 players looking for a ride as well.

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Be careful when crossing bridges or approaching vehicles. That’s where ambush usually happens. If you see loot in the middle of your path that’s too good to be true, it could be a bait placed by veteran foes.

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Hide & Shoot

This is the best policy for solo players. Stay hidden all the time. Better be the hunter than the hunted.

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Added Advantage

Keep your weapons away and you will sprint 6% faster. When exploring, keep weapons in hand. When walking or stealth is required, remove your shoes. Running speed is the same with or without shoes

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Always Know Where You Are

Studying your map is a big help especially when playing as a team. Use map markers as well as NESW directions and numbers to give specific directions to team mates.

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Never Be That Sitting Duck

When you are shot at, don’t remain at the spot. Try to seek out the shooter. Run zig zag away and try to find cover.

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We hope the tips will keep you in the game longer but nothing beats experience. Play more to get better. Don’t be afraid to step into the unknown battle ground and win your chicken dinner!

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