Raya Pasti Cun When You Join The Rayavengers Club

Image: malaymail

Check out the trends for this 2019 Hari Raya that is leaning more to the superheroes theme. (hmmm.. Vibranium Raya outfit?)

Image: thread by zalora

Superhero Songkok

Endgame will be stuck in our heads this whole year. Why not wear it as well? Justice League themes are also available.

Image: pricetada

Superhero Tudung

For the ladies, don’t get left out. As usual, Justice League motifs are available and we’ll be guessing Wonder Women will be a hit.

Image: ingrum

Superhero Butang

How about being cute like a button? Yes, Lego style buttons are available now for your Baju Raya.

Image: saudagarsongkok

Baju Behati

Looking for a solution to the especially hot weather this 2019? This oversize Baju Melayu is the perfect solution – cool & airy.

Image: behatico

Wakanda Forever

Remember the Baju Koko ala Black Panther hit back in 2018? If you still have it, then renew the look with a matching similar motif style songkok and still stay in fashion.

Image: modelbusanaterbaru, tantitrendhijab

Raya It Like A Thanos

Finally there are infinity stone buttons designed for the Baju Raya. Just don’t go snapping your fingers when you have them on.

Image: prod.sinar.fm

And Finally Baju Melayu Superman

Designed by local actor Erry Putra, the cape actually doubles up as a prayer mat. So convenient and functional.

Image: malaymail

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri From Passionation!

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