7 Reasons Why Stretching Makes You Look Canggih

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To achieve that ‘gaya’ look, first we need to understand the 2 basics of stretching - dynamic and static.

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What’s a Dynamic Stretch?

Do this before workouts because dynamic stretches mimic movements used in the sport. Hence, it will increase blood flow and muscle temperature to prepare the body for activity.

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What’s a Static Stretch?

Do this after workouts because static stretches are when we slowly move into a stretch position and hold it for 30 or more seconds. This is beneficial after sports as it relaxes, lengthens and cools down the muscles.

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For that Perfect Posture

Stretching specific muscle groups encourage proper alignment that will improve your posture, be it standing, sitting or on the move.

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For Fluidity and Grace to Your Movements

Stretching improves flexibility and that helps you perform daily activities with ease. It can also help delay the reduced mobility that comes with aging.

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Great for Stress Relief

Psychological factors and emotional stress usually tenses the muscle in the neck, shoulder and upper back. Stretching these areas could help reduce stress levels.

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Increases Your Range Of Motion (ROM)

Being able to move a joint through its full ROM gives you more freedom of movement. Stretching exercises moves your joints in different directions, thus keeping them flexible and strong.

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Helps Soothe and Prevent Back Pain

Tight muscles decreases ROM resulting in stress to the muscles in your back. By stretching the correct muscle group, it can help heal an existing back injury.

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Improves Your Game

When your muscles and joints are flexible, they are stronger, faster and you'll move around more easily with less pain. This gives you the upper edge on your sports or any outdoor activities.

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Increases Blood Flow to Your Muscles

Stretching improves blood circulation and flow to your muscles. You can expect shorter recovery time and reduced muscle soreness after a hard workout.

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Practice the habit of stretching daily or at least alternating days. Besides reaping the benefits of a graceful body, you’ll be looking forward to more selfies, belfies and welfies!

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