Snap Awesome Images for That Perfect Keepsake

With the year-end holidays coming up, you can capture great sceneries of your travel with a humble smart phone. Just use these top tips.

Image: sunshinekelly2988

The number one must-have - a tripod

Doesn’t matter if you’re using a digital SLR or smart phone, always have a tripod ready. Landscapes usually require longer exposure time. This is the best tool to keep everything still.


To create better contrast or colors – add filters

Bring along various filters to help you achieve different effects. Be ready to take opportunity of the weather changes. There are also filter apps available for smartphones to download.

Image: AliExpress

Capturing immense landscape - wide angles

In this case, less is not more. There is usually a landscape mode on your phone camera. Use it.


Tantalize the eyes - add depth

Have a fore and background included in your shots to create depth of field. This will help make your pictures jump out.

Image: cheeserland

Add emotion & lead the eyes – line composition

Be creative and use objects as lines in your composition to add variety into your shots

Image: cheeserland

Improve arrangement and balance - rule of thirds

The horizon sits at the bottom 1/3. The lighthouse sits at the right 1/3. This basic composition allows the viewer’s eyes to wander around the picture.


Create flow of movement – slow exposure

Add life to your pictures with slow exposure settings. Apps are available for this. When doing this on a bright day, use an ND (Neutral Density) filter to reduce the amount of light exposure. Tripod is a must for this.

Image: petchsworld

Mirror, mirror on the wall - water reflections

Get creative with water reflections. They can be very artistic and interesting. The best time to do this is the first hour from sunrise and the last hour before sunset.

Image: jazelxlim

Bring life into images – add people

Landscape is not just about nature, adding people into it can complement and give any harsh landscape nature a more humanely feel.

Image: lesliepng

Simple attention-seekers - colors

Look for contrasting primary colors to make your photos scream for attention.

Image: parammaries

Use all these tips for that next vacation photo snaps and stun your friends with it.

Image: nanabwincess